A rigorous scientific approach to psychological needs.


The role is to guarantee the right approach of the single members of this team in line with the necessity of the person who will ask for support. The psychological intervention is short in no more than 4-5 sessions, within this limited period the support has to be effective to the scope of this program.

The fear of contagion, the restriction of individual freedoms, the reduction of pleasant activities, bereavements, adaptation to new ways of working or the real loss of work are just some of the circumstances that put at risk the psychological well-being of individuals in this period.

Prof. Velotti

Scientific Committee
Renata Tambelli

Renata Tambelli

Full Professor

Director of Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, “Sapienza” University of Rome.
Scientific Coordinator of the Doctorate in Dynamic and Clinical Psychology.
Full Professor of Medicine and Psychology Faculty of “Sapienza” University of Rome.
Professor at the “Second Postgraduate School of Specialization in Clinical Psychology”.

Patrizia Velotti

Patrizia Velotti

Associate Professor

Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome.
National Academic Qualification as Full Professor, Ministry of Universities, Italy.
Member of the Scientific Board for the Doctoral Training in Dynamic and Clinical Psychology.

Full Member, Italian Association of Psychology.